Whitestone Park

A park with a view! Whitestone is only a few miles out of Exeter but can feel like the top of the world. You leave Exeter by driving up Redhills in St Thomas and then keep going, through Nadderwater to Whitestone. Once in Whitestone, the Village Hall and car park are found on your left. There are toilets located in the back of the village hall that are often open, and lots of space to have a picnic if you bring food with you (no shops nearby). The play equipment is great with lots to entertain, and there is a good level pitch to play with a ball. Sitting and looking at the views takes a bit of time too!

If you have a dog there is a short walk skirting the park that you can find by leaving the car park on foot and turning right, then right into Hill Lane, right onto the footpath running along the park perimeter and then right to return to the hall. This involves some on road walking and isn’t suitable for pushchairs.

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