Ellerhayes Activity Tree

A fantastic place for a variety of walks, an off-lead doggy run or a picnic and play. You can come for half an hour or easily while away a day. We always head to ‘the activity tree’ – a large fallen log with a cargo net, rope swing and branch steps that can be sat on, swung from, jumped off and climbed over. 

You park in the car park found just before Ellerhayes Bridge, between Killerton and Silverton. It is almost opposite an entrance to Silverton Mill. There are dog bins and a large information board and map here. 

Once parked you go through the gate and follow the path along the bottom of the field, walking parallel to the road. This field also has fallen trees in that are great to explore. The path takes you into a wooded area through a gate, and once out the other side head straight up the steep hill to your right. There is the activity tree, a bench and a magnificent hill for playing aeroplanes or rolling down.

There are lots of paths and areas to explore, To return to the car, go through the wooden gate below the activity tree and cross the field back to the car park. 

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