Pinhoe Quarry

Sea views just minutes from Junction 29! On the B bus route and with lots of free parking, this walk is great for feeling like you’ve been somewhere and done something without having to go very far from the centre of town. It’s just under 2km and suitable for dogs. In theory you could take a pushchair and I have seen people do so, but it would be hard work and perhaps more hinder than help to have it with you. Wellies are a good idea in all but the driest of weathers.


The start is a green gate between Cheyne Rise and Matthews Court in Pinhoe, opposite the Chancel Lane turn off Harrington Lane. Buses stop along Harrington Lane on the B route, while the K, J, T and 1 routes run through the centre of Pinhoe and the trains stop at the lower end of the village. 


The walk is easy to follow and there’s no way to get lost as you circumnavigate the quarry. The views across Exeter are lovely as you get higher further round. The path is a fairly steep incline in places but it’s all on a surface path here so easygoing at your own pace. There are a couple of benches on the way round should you need to have a snack spot to aim for! 

At the end of the first part of the walk you emerge onto a lane by the church. This is a dead end so there is very little traffic but it’s better to put a dog back on lead here. You can either go into the churchyard and look more closely if you wish to – leaving by the far gate behind the church when you’re finished, or simply follow the lane to its end. There are llamas/alpacas in a field here and they often amble over for a chat as you pass. 


Go through the kissing gate here and from the centre of the field you can see out over the estuary to the sea beyond. Follow the path to the bottom corner of the field where you find a surfaced track again, this leads you back to Harrington Lane – turn left to walk back to where you began. You can cross over the road and go to the right to enter Eastern Fields and extend your walk if you’re after something longer.


If you have children who want to visit a park you can go into The Harringtons and try out the new equipment there (turn right into Brick Kiln Close), or go to the big park in Pinhoe next to/behind the school.


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