Stoke Woods

Amazing views, stunning woodland, lots of space to run around and all 5 mins from the centre of Exeter! There are free car parks at the top of Pennsylvania Road, or off the A396 from Cowley Bridge to Tiverton. 

There are waymarked trails with marker posts through the wood. There are also lots of additional paths so it’s easy to stray off the trails but a general wander in the right direction will get you back on track! Much of the path network is very buggy friendly but there are occasional very boggy or muddy patches that get pretty impassable without wellies after rain. Dogs can have a lovely time off lead but be aware that the site is bordered by roads in each direction.

There are plenty of clearings to sit on a blanket and have a picnic or just enjoy the space and beautiful wildflowers. On the path parallel to the A396 there is an amazing view and benches at the viewpoint so you can sit and take it all in.

Just below the top car park there is a large Beech clearing full of leaves to swish, slopes to run down and a rope swing to play on. You have to access this via the cut through from the car park – it’s not on a way-marked trail.

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