Mincinglake Valley Park


A place to feel at the top of the world – but so close to Exeter city centre! Mincinglake valley Park is found between Stoke Hill and Beacon Heath, with free car parks off Stoke Hill (next to Sylvania Hut) and Calthorpe Road (opposite St Katherine’s Road) There are bus stops on both sides of the park with frequent services (E, F1, F2, B).

There are a network of paths and it’s pretty hard to get lost as long as you keep a general sense of direction as all paths lead back to each other! It’s a brilliant place to bring the dog and children and let everyone let off steam. There are little mini-paths through the undergrowth to explore, wide open spaces for running around and playing games, a river to paddle in and loads of nature to watch and find. If you want a focus for your explorations then worksheets like these and these might be helpful.

The river has a few entry and exit points and is generally safe with close adult supervision – but there is a ‘waterfall’ are that could be a fall-hazard and there are deeper areas and lots of mud – please take care. 

There is so much to do in a fairly compact area that this is a perfect place for a longer trip as well as an easy go-to for a quick roam. There are shady and sunny areas and lots of places to lay a blanket for a picnic. the nearest food and toilets are at Morrisons in Beacon Heath (or Co-op at Beacon Heath parade for snacks.) There are dog bins throughout the park. 

 Whilst the main paths are surfaced and suitable for sturdy buggies or bikes, lots of the smaller paths are not. There are steep, muddy and grassed paths and bikes/buggies and scooters could be a real struggle in some places. 

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