The Land Train, Exmouth

Such a fun way of visiting a familiar place in a new way! We found this a perfect outing for our family group as it allowed us all to enjoy something together without the need for everyone to have good mobility or lots of energy.

The best place to park and start your trip is The Maer car park. If you plan to spend all day in Exmouth then you get a £3 refund on your £6 all day ticket if you use the Land Train – fantastic value! The Land Train starts here on the hour, every hour between 10 and 5. 

Tickets cost between £1 and £5, depending on how far you want to go and for how long. One full circuit costs £3 per person over 1 and takes about an hour. Our group aged 2-80 all enjoyed this journey! There was loads to see and look at, with a commentary on some areas as you pass. 

Whilst we decided to take the trip for the trip’s sake, The Land Train would also be a really good way of getting to the beach from the station, or from the beach to town for some lunch etc. There are frequent stops all around town, with the train stopping at each one at roughly the same time each hour. 

The staff were friendly, approachable and informative, and very helpful with our group’s mobility needs. I can see return trips being requested very soon!  

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