Clyston Mill Big Picnic

A fantastic event for all – this annual picnic is a lovely opportunity to take an evening out and enjoy time with family and friends. Completely free to attend there was music, a magician, face painting and games.

The watermill was open all evening, with free entry, and the orchard had straw bale seating and lots of space to run around, along with a fairly-priced bar and cake stall. Cake for dinner’s fine on a Friday, no?!

The children had a fantastic time, running round with their friends and enjoying the entertainment.It was great to be able to give them a bit of freedom and independence in a safe space. 

After eating our picnic (as well as the cake!) we had a good explore of the mill and watched the wheel before walking back to the village to head home. We look forward to more of the same next year!

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