Budlake Old Post Office walk, Killerton


This walk is perfect if you’re looking for somewhere you can go with small children on their bikes or if you’re wanting to combine a good dog walk with somewhere you can take a buggy.

I start in the overflow car park at Killerton, as this area has a lovely little park that the children like to visit at the start and end of the walk. 

This area is enclosed, with good play equipment for younger children, and also has an old barn with a table tennis table that can be played with.

There are picnic tables and plenty of grass where you can sit on a blanket to eat a picnic or snack. The Killerton cafes do take away drinks and snacks if you haven’t brought your own.

The walk starts out of the main entrance – this bit can be a bit hairy as there are no pavements, so take great care in the car parks. You can cross the road to the orchard opposite (if you don’t have wheels !) and have a play there before heading through the gate on the right (with your back to the road) into the main field. If you have bikes/wheelchair/pushchair, you may prefer to head straight for the gate a little further along the lane which takes you straight onto a surfaced path.

The path leads to a gate at the far end of the field and is perfect for learning to ride without stabilisers as it fairly level and nice and long. The field has a couple of really big fallen trees that are perfect for climbing and playing on, and there is loads of room for dogs and children to have a really good run around. 

Once you pass through the gate at the furthest end, there is a short walk to the Old Post Office on your right. This is only open part of the week in the afternoons, so please check times before setting out. There is an entry charge for those who aren’t NT members. 

The Post office is set up as if still in the 1950′s with lots of historical artefacts, and the children love listening to the voices on the telephone telling them how life used to be. The Post office sells old fashioned sweets and postcards (they accept our money ;))

The garden is beautiful and has lots of little paths to intrigue and entertain little legs, and there is an old washroom and outhouse set up to view. 

After a good look round and a play, we tend to buy some sweets to share out for the walk back, retracing our steps.

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