Darts Farm Maize Maze


Darts Farm is a favourite place of ours to go with the children and dog as you can exercise everyone at the same time! Nice clean loos and a lovely cafe are situated in the farm shop, there’s lots of play equipment and animals to visit, as well as a lot of space to walk the dog in, wetlands to visit and, in the summer months, a maize maze. 

To take part in the maze trail, you pay £1 per child (all goes to charity) at the main farm shop tills and then make your way to the maze entrance. There are several letters on stands around the maze with olympic facts to read. You ‘collect’ each of the letters to make a word which you can then use to claim a prize from the tills when you finish. 

The children raced off and weren’t at all daunted by how high the maize reached around them. There were encouraging ‘you’re on the right track’ notices that spurred us all on!

Once we had collected our (edible) prize, we sat on the picnic benches for a drink and then the children played happily before we visited the animals to finish our trip.

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