Woodbury Castle

This fantastic area of Woodbury Common was originally formed in prehistoric tomes as a hillfort. More about its history can be read here. It is now a large beech wood with fantastic open spaces to run and play, with rope swings, steps and dens all around its banks and ditches.

To find it, you need to drive through Woodbury village, keeping the Post Office on your right as you go through. You follow this road out of the village and up onto Woodbury Common where it emerges at a cross roads. Turn left and then look carefully for a car park entrance on your right a short way along. This car park is large and free. It is well used and usually people around but there are also signs warning of thefts from cars so keep valuables with you.

Once parked you can explore! There are paths around the wooded area and lots to do and play with in the trees and castle.

The castle area opens out on 3 sides to the main common and you can have a longer walk on the open heath. For more information on walks see here.

It is very easy to enjoy a circular walk using the borders of the tree plantation as your guide. The views stretch out to Lyme bay and are really beautiful.

There are tracks and paths all round, so it would be possible to take an off road buggy. There are no toilets or refreshments but lots of space to have a picnic. There are dog bins in the car park.

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