Huddersfield – Ravensknowle Park and The Tolson Museum

The Tolson Museum and Ravensknowle Park are in Huddersfield, very close to where we stay on our frequent trips to the area. Completely free to visit, the museum is very welcoming to children and has lots of interactive exhibits and a toy  and games area.

The museum tells the story of the local area’s history with a particular focus on transport, industry and wildlife.  Each time we visit, the children gain something different form the experience and our most recent visit helped them to understand what different and hard lives they would have led as workers in local   industries in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Outside the museum there is a fantastic park with play equipment for all ages and lots of open space for running around, ball games and picnics. 

Huddersfield does parks particularly well and this is one we always make sure to visit.

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