The Paulos Circus at Darts Farm

I have meant to take the children to the circus for positively aaaages! Every time they were in town I have meant to organise myself and somehow missed the boat each time, so when The Paolos Circus kindly invited me to their opening day at the Darts Farm site – I leapt at the chance.

Tickets are usually £7 adult/child, we also invited friends and used a voucher available locally that made each of theirs £5. The children were SO excited that I was actually concerned that their expectations were too high and they would be disappointed by the show – I couldn’t have been more wrong.

As a parent I’ve realised that there is no greater pleasure than watching your children enjoy themselves – and this show not only entertained me but gave me a brilliant evening of soaking up hysterical laughter and thrilled gasps from the kids.

There was slapstick and skilled clowning around, energetic audience participation, talented trampolining and absolutely amazing acrobatics with genuinely breathtaking stunts. The hour and a bit show passed very quickly with no time for the children to get fidgety or bored (my fears) and the only talking was them asking to come again and ‘how DID they do THAT?’!

The Paulos Circus is on the Darts Farm site until the 9th July. Tickets are available on 07021 125 454, and shows are 5pm and 7.15 pm on Thursdays and Fridays and 2pm and 4.30 at weekends.

We received 2 free tickets in exchange for an honest review. All blog content is my own.



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