DevonDaze Diary – Ballet, Bras and Bloggers Bowling!

Such a busy week! As the end of term hurtles closer, so life speeds up and days expand to fit in all the extra activities planned by school and extracurricular clubs. The girls have worked for nearly 2 years towards a dance show that reached a crescendo with extra rehearsals, a dress rehearsal and 2 huge performances last week. It was tremendous, with so much hard work and dedication coming to fruition in a peak of activity that left us all exhausted, but very happy and proud. I feel so lucky that my children have had the opportunity to take part in something so well planned, organised and executed and that they can so justifiably feel a sense of achievement and pride in the result of their efforts.

They also got to take part in a District Guiding event, where Guides, Rainbows and Brownies from our area all came together in a summer campfire and cookout event at Caddihoe in Ashclyst Forest. The site is beautiful and provided a wonderful setting for the girl’s summer fun. We love exploring the forest and some of our favourite walks are from the main car park at Forest Gate where you can find fab dens or follow the flat and surfaced Buggy Route. We also love visiting the less popular spots of Side Downs, Paradise Copse and White Down Copse, which I will write up properly soon.

We had much excitement at work as the collection of bras to be taken to Malawi (‘Bra-lawi’) came to an end. The response to the appeal was phenomenal, with bags of bras being dropped off every day! The final count was approaching 150! My colleague Nicky is so grateful and is looking forward to distributing them on her trip next week.

Best lunch of the week was a Bloggers Bowling meet up. We were so lucky to be invited to a day at Ocean Exmouth, with lots of other local bloggers. I already knew about the soft play at Ocean, as my children have been lucky enough to go to parties there, but I had no idea that there was so much more going on in the complex.

Whilst DevonDaze Dinkie was romping in the ball pool, I had a nose around the wedding and conference venue and was really surprised by the smart and sophisticated vibe (about as far from soft play as you can get!)

We were treated to a delicious pizza lunch and got to chat with lots of blogging friends – both new faces and those we are lucky enough to call friends. The views from the terraces were absolutely incredible, set off by the sunny skies and stunning sea that nature kindly provided! 

Unfortunately, we had to leave before the bowling became really heated ๐Ÿ˜€ but we had a lovely day and can’t wait to return to settle the scores!

Our best walks of the week were both satisfying loops, a longer one exploring the permissive paths of Rockbeare Manor that I’ve been meaning to cover for a long time, and a lovely sunset stroll round Sowton Village, that I only recently discovered existed!

What has your best adventure been this week?



4 thoughts on “DevonDaze Diary – Ballet, Bras and Bloggers Bowling!

  1. Well done on the ballet front & great to catch up at the blogger’s meet!

    I love the bras for Malawi idea, my sil & nephew live there x


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