Aylesbeare Amble

This walk is a lovely loop through gorgeous countryside, with a well placed playground and pub along the way!

Aylesbeare is a small village in East Devon, hidden away but close to the airport. To start this walk, park on the main road near to the fantastic, newly opened Night Jar pub. Take the signed ‘unmetalled road’ opposite the pub and follow this track. This walk is rough underfoot and not suitable for buggies at all. This track is more like a river bed rather than road!

Along this track you will come to a bridge and fording place across a stream. Head on upwards where the river and track part ways and head up the hill. At the end of the track you meet Oak Lane and you need to turn left. Although this a is a road there is little traffic and you can hear advancing vehicles well in advance.

At the village hall crossroads, you can choose the short option – making your walk around 2km) and turn left and head back into Aylesbeare, passing the playpark on your left and church on your right on your way back to the pub.

If you want a longer walk  (about 3.5km) then carry straight on past the village hall and continue along the lane until you see steps and a kissing gate on your left. Take this signed footpath and follow the path around the field to the left, to a stile with the church in view.

Head directly for the church and enter the grave yard via the kissing gate, taking a moment to look at the interesting tower and unusual gargoyles. You can leave by the pretty gate and head back into Aylesbeare. Your car will be to your right and the park to your left.

Enjoy exploring!

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