Bikes, Buggies, Beach – The Byes

The Byes stretch from Sidford to Sidmouth and offer something for everyone. There is a flat, surfaced path the whole way which makes it an easy place to take pushchairs, wheelchairs, bikes and scooters. There are also open areas, meadows and fields adjoining the paths along the route which make it a great place to exercise dogs.


The 2km route runs close to the River Sid and when closer to Sidmouth itself there are bridges and paddles spots, leading to lots of opportunities for pooh stick games.


The complete trail begins in Sidford, where there is a pay and display car park around the corner from the start. There are many points to access the path along its course but parking is then in residential areas (with various restrictions).


A real treat at the Sidford start is a wonderful play and adventure area – worth a visit alone. The route to join The Byes walk is clearly signposted from here, and the surfaced path easy to follow.


There are information boards as you pass through the various sections of the walk, with tips on particular wildlife to look for and details of how the area is maintained and supported.

The path ends at The Toll House in Sidmouth, where to reach the seafront you cross the road and walk down to the ford and use the bridge to walk the short way to the seafront play area and then to the beach.

Sidmouth itself has lots to look at with numerous cafes and a very decent selection of shops, so you can recruit yourself for the journey back!

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