Four Firs and a Foal!

We love exploring Woodbury Common, and have previously blogged about our adventures at Woodbury Castle and the celebrations at Heath Week. There are many places you can pull up and have a wander, but a popular car park, with good access to lots of tracks and trails is Four Firs – off the junction of the B3179 and the B3180 at grid reference SY033863. When coming from Woodbury Village, you leave passing the Post Office on your right and continue until you reach the cross roads, and go straight over towards Yettington, finding the car park immediately on your right.

Four Firs is a great starting point as it has a large car park with plenty of space, and a choice of directions in which to roam. For an easy buggy route, follow the main track out of the car park, through a bridleway gate, heading south towards Blackhill Quarry. Whilst quarrying is still active, the original pits are been the subject of restoration and regeneration projects. After passing through a small copse and logging are you can head left, to where an information board about the quarrying helps you to identify landmarks on the horizon, before turning left again to loop back to the car park eventually.

It is possible to extend or shorten your walk and there are man tracks and trails cross crossing the heathland. As this walk starts in a central location bordered by roads, it is always easy to retrace your steps and locate your car eventually if you go off the beaten track!

There is currently a small pack of wild ponies grazing the land at Four Firs, one is a very young foal and the Rangers are visiting often to check on their welfare and supplement their intake with hay. We couldn’t believe our luck to be present at feeding time and get a chance to join in – which then meant we were closely accompanied on the rest of our walk by our new found friends!

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