Ness Cove Beach

Who doesn’t love a bit of proper Devon history and a hidden, secret beach?! Ness Cove is tucked away in Shaldon, a fabulous ‘secret’ bay that has all the makings of a great family day out.

To find the top secret location from Shaldon itself, follow the signs for the long stay parking area and don’t be put off by feeling like you are driving too far up and away from the sea to be heading the right way. Having parked in the pay & display car park, you can find the entrance to the intriguing smugglers’ tunnel next to a shop selling everything you need for the beach. The public toilets are also situated here and worth a visit before the trek down to the cove.

The tunnel is fairly long and steep and has a few flights of stairs, so pushchairs are tricky to get up and down. There are lights along its length but it is pretty dark and dank in places – perfect for jumping out on each other, or for imagining nights spent wrecking and looting from passing ships!

Once on the beach itself there are rock pools, cliff dens and mini caves and although the beach is shingly it is possible to dig and build with it here. Dogs are allowed on the beach year round and bins are provided for them. There are no lifeguarding services and all amenities are located back nearer Shaldon itself.

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