Honiton Bottom Nature Reserve

A hidden gem of green space in Honiton, this nature reserve is managed by Wild East Devon and is found where Battishorne Way crosses Honiton Bottom Road. You can park easily for free on the nearby residential roads and the entrance to the reserve is signed on Battishorne Way.

The Northern section of the reserve contains the Bland Lane Play Trail – a series of wooden structures and play equipment that my children loved (but that are being allowed to ‘transition’ to obselescence so some are in a poor state of repair).

This area also has a few places where the stream known as The Gissage can be reached and where you can paddle off a little ‘beach’.

There are lots of wooden bridges, walkways and benches around the reserve and while small, the area feels very ‘wild’ with lots of long grasses, wildflowers and birds to see.

On the other side of Battishorne Way, running parallel to Honiton Bottom Road is a larger open area of meadows, popular with dog walkers and great for a proper run around and picnic. The Gissage also runs along the perimeter but is less accessible than on the Bland Lane side.

This spot is perfect for those who want to get outside with young children, and who don’t want to walk long distances to get close to nature and feel far away from it all.

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