5 Great Nature Reserves

With Devon Wildlife Trust’s #30DaysWild challenge to spend June doing ‘something wild’ every day already underway, here’s a round up of local places where getting closer to nature is guaranteed:

Bystock Nature Reserve

A favourite place of ours to take some time out and enjoy the tranquility of the pools or the open spaces of the fields, Bystock is a hidden gem teeming with wildlife and also, more recently terrapins! Whilst these non natives are causing local species real problems, it is also interesting to see how they’ve adapted to cold water conditions and made East Devon their home.


Dunsford Nature Reserve

A special place on the fringes of Dartmoor, Dunsford nature reserve runs between the picturesque Steps Bridge and the lesser visited Clifford Bridge beyond Dunsford. In the spring, the open spaces are a carpet of wild flowers – bright daffodils followed by scented bluebells. Many birds can be seen and heard, including a woodpecker whose drumming rings out across the reserve.


Venn Ottery Nature Reserve

Small but perfectly formed, Venn Ottery Reserve is tucked away and has a lovely mix of heathland and wooded areas, making a walk and play a varied experience. Managed in part by the RSPB it is a haven for birds and butterflies, and there is a bench provided from where you can enjoy the amazing views.


Seaton Wetlands

This amazing place is absolutely jam packed with things to see and do and bird and duck sightings are guaranteed! Look out for event days and special activities run by Wild East Devon for brilliant and informative family fun.


Stover Country Park

Stover has long been a favourite of ours, for it’s dead cert duck feeding opportunities and easy access by car from main roads. There are not only walks, water and ducks galore, but a visitor centre, aerial walkway and poetry trail complete with carved animals to find.


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