Clyst Hydon Pool

This perfect gem of a community pool is hidden away in the teeny village of Clyst Hydon. Whilst tricky to find on a first visit, it is just moments from the B3181 (turn right at The Merry Harriers, opposite the Bear Trail and follow the signs).

You can park for free in the village hall car park, and walk the short distance from there past One Fir Cross towards the renowned Five Bells pub. You may here the fun from the pool to guide you, but if you’re early then a sign on the right will show you the way up a short wooded footpath.

You will pass the not-glamorous-but-clean loo block before arriving at reception, where you will need to sign in and fill in some forms before your first swim. As this pool is a community-run project and not lifeguarded, it is important that you read and sign the rules of use. You can buy season passes or pay £2.50 per swimmer for day entry. There is a small selection of refreshments available at reasonable prices too.

There are plenty of places to sit around the pool, with benches, grass and shade all available. If you want to change away from poolside there are segregated changing areas but no showers or lockers.

Whilst the pool is not heated, it heats up well in the sun and has a huge draw for all – a large water slide! So much fun was had! The views of the surrounding countryside and the adjoining butterfly-bedecked buddleia add to the amazing sense of luck to have such a spot nearby.

Opening times can vary due to availability of volunteers, so please check the Facebook page and website before planning a trip, as the rota is updated regularly.

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