Heavitree Junior Park Run

Heavitree Junior Park Run is a long standing weekly 2km event at Heavitree Park for children aged 4-14. We have meant to go on many previous occasions but never quite made the 9am start time! This week however, our visitors from Essex were keen not to miss their usual weekly run and motivated us to finally get organised and give it a go!

Prior to taking part for the first time, you need to register via an online form and print out your paper barcode card. This can then be used at any official Park Run event to keep track of your attendance and times etc – you only need to register once.

This event takes place in Heavitree Pleasure Ground, with the official start and finish clearly signed close to the basketball courts near the Shipton Lane entrance. Parking is free on surrounding roads on Sundays and we experienced no trouble finding a space.

The route is marked out and fully marshalled, so that junior park runners can see or be seen by an adult for the whole course. Parents can run with their children, as can younger or older children it only those aged 4-14 can officially finish and log a finish time.

The event was very welcoming and there was a great atmosphere! Lots of runners stay after the event to have a dip. In the amazing paddling pools, have refreshments from the lovely Park Life van, and to spend time in the fab play area.

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