Ivan’s Café, Halberton

This fab café is on the site of Halberton Court Farm Shop, and is easily found between Tiverton and the Halberton. It’s perfect as part of a walk or cycle along the Grand Western Canal, and could be a start and stop point for a loop like the Swan’s Neck Circular.

There are cycle racks outside, and a large car park, as well as an outdoor seating area with local crafts on display (and for sale.) There are tables, chairs and squishy sofas inside, with a small area for children too.

The cakes are amazing, with some amusing names (you’ll have to visit to spot the one that made me snigger!) as are the hot chocolates which my children enjoyed as a reward for cycling there along the canal from Tiverton.

Savoury foods and delicious looking salads are also on offer, but we unashamedly had cake for lunch!

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