Woods to Build Dens in!

A walk in the woods takes a completely different turn if there’s a den to build, or pre made dens to play in and use as shelters for enjoying our snacks in. Here are some of our favourite den-rich spots:

Combe Wood, Honiton

Combe Wood is just outside Honiton, and while small it is perfectly formed and there are lots of good den building materials! It’s a oerct place to head to in spring as the spring flowers put on a fab display!

Venn Ottery Nature Reserve


Venn Ottery Nature Reserve is a great place for wildlife and views. The small wooded area is a brilliant place to build a base before exploring the rest of the reserve.

The Discovery Trail, Haldon

The Discovery Trail at Haldon Forest has many attractions for small people, including lots of Zog-thened activities currently. It also has semi permanent den structures as well as lots of great areas to create your own camp!

Henbury Hill Fort, nr Honiton

Hembury Hill Fort is an ancient site with a special feel. The play opportunities are endless and the slopes and ramparts provide a great backdrop for camp-related play.

Woodbury Castle, East Devon

Woodbury Castle is a good spot to get the whole family out and about. With free parking, info boards & wooded areas as well as open access to the main commons it’s perfect for a walk before settling for a snack in a den of your own making!

Dunsford Nature Reserve

Dunsford Nature Reserve is a beautiful Riverside spot where the den building area commands a central spot in the daffodil field – spring is the perfect time to head out to explore!

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