5 River Walks

There’s something extra lovely about walking close to water. There’s always wildlife to see, navigation is easy and the chance of a paddle is always a good way to motivate little legs!

Here are some of our favourite riverside adventures –

The River Otter

This walk along the Otter from Tipton is a proper hike but there are lots of options for shorter strolls on the riverside path in both directions, including to the nearby river beach.

The River Creedy

This stroll along the River Creedy is a little out and back jaunt that offers lots of lovely paddling opportunities.

The River Exe

This beautiful spot can be reached via a couple of different walks. Starting from Brampford Speke is the shortest route but a long walk can be taken from Stoke Canon.

The River Culm

This path along the Culm has lots of places to paddle and poodles of wildlife to spot.


The River Sid

This walk is great for wheels, so perfect if you want to combine scooters or need to bring a pushchair.

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