A Walk Along the Coly

This 4km walk is a lovely flat loop with lots to recommend it. It’s a great family walk but there are stiles, bridges and areas of rough ground so not suitable for wheelchairs or buggies.

We started in Colyton, where there is free on-road parking along Dolphin Street near the start of the walk. You need to start the walk on the Colyton side of the river bridge.

Start from the craft centre and follow the signs through the yard to the River meadow behind. Almost immediately you will see a perfect paddling and play spot!

If you can tear yourselves away, to continue you walk you need to head to the footbridge over the river and cross, taking care to close the gates on either side.

Walk through this field, keeping close to the river. Another river beach appears almost straight away and this is a fab paddle spot too.

There are various play opportunities along this walk, including a magnificent tree for climbing and a fab rope swing over the water too.

You will reach a T-junction in the path, to the right is a footbridge to the play area, to the left the path fllwos the river (you have to go under an elevated pipe course). There is another river beach in the shade that provides a lovely shallow paddling place.

The path ends as you arrive in Colyford, and you emerge opposite The White Hart pub. Turn left and cross over the tram tracks before taking the lane immediately on your left, Crown Hayne Lane.

Walk past the entrance to the water treatment station, and take the first footpath on the left, crossing a stile to follow the footpath to the tram line. There are bridges to take you up and over the tram tracks, and the footpath is signposted across the fields.

Crossing a footbridge and following the footpath signs will bring you back to the climbing tree, from where you can retrace your footsteps back to your start.

This walk is about 4km as a loop, with the facilties of each village available at each end. Colyton is the larger settlement and has a central free car park with shops and toilets in normal times.

2 thoughts on “A Walk Along the Coly

  1. Hi, just a note to say we visited here today and while the area is lovely, it’s worth noting that cows wander freely through the fields so there is a lot of very fresh cow pats to avoid! Also a local resident stopped us and said pollution had been reported in the river so it wasn’t safe for children or dogs to enter. One final thing the rope swing also has a barbed wire fence it front of it.


    • Hi Elaine, glad you had a good walk! Hope you managed to dodge the cow pats! There was a slurry spill in a tributary stream at the beginning of May but EDDC have stated the water quality is now not any different to normal and that’s why there are no warning signs up. I guess normal may not be that great because of the proximity of animals so usual care should be taken if paddling. I think there’s a few swings along there – we’ve been quite a few times and I used photos from different visits so can’t remember where exactly but obviously only ever do what you feel is right and safe at the time. I will edit the post as you’ve been much more recently than me 🙂


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