Blackingstone Rock

This solitary outcrop is a good ‘starter tor’ for those just setting out in their Dartmoor discoveries, or it can be a good way to get your rock fix without having to venture onto the high moor when time is tight.

Blackingstone Rock is located above Doccombe and close to the beautiful reservoirs of Tottiford, Trenchford and Kennick (a fabulous walking spot!)

To reach the free car park, take the B3212 from Exeter past Dunsford and through Doccombe. The views on this windy road are just stunning and worth a trip at all times of the year. After Doccombe, you come to a crossroads at the crest of the hill. Immediately before the cross roads, turn left but almost double back on yourself (left, left!). Follow this, ignoring signs encouraging you to the resevoir and Hennock on your right, past the entrance to Blackingstone Quarry on your left, and when the rock appears to your right, take the upper of 2 parallel lanes. The car park is along here on the left.

Cross over the lane from the car park and find the oath that starts with 2 stone steps. Follow this path as it winds around the base of the rock and converges with the footpath that leads from the disabled parking bay.

The Tor becomes easier to access from this side, and you will see the railed steep steps to the top – the views up here are just incredible!

After time spent gazing at the stunning horizon (you can spot so many landmarks including Haytor from here!), you can make your way back down the treacherous steps and enjoy exploring some more.

There is a small area of woodland next to the rock, and although this is not a public footpath, there is a tempting pathway that you may wish to follow to take a peek.

You could combine this trip with a visit to the reservoirs, or Moretonhampstead, or return towards Exeter and have a paddle at Steps Bridge.

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