Peak Hill, Sidmouth

Peak Hill is located just outside Sidmouth and is managed by the National Trust. It incorporates some of the South West Coast Path and links to many other public footpaths in the area.

You can start your walk from above Jacob’s Ladder beach and park in the main Sidmouth car parks, or in the metered spaces on the road by Connaught Gardens. You can then head uphill following the footpaths that lead you upwards. Alternatively you can park in the large, free car park at Mutters Moor. You find this by driving up hill from Sidmouth sea front, with the coast line to your left and taking the right hand entrance at the crest of the hill.

From this car park you then cross over the road to access the paths at Peak Hill. You can follow any route you like but this short loop we do is a good one with small people as it offers sea views and woodland paths.

Take the right hand signposted path that crosses a large open field. There are often sheep or horses in this field so please keep dogs under close control. Follow the worn path on the ground that crosses to the right hand corner of the field.

Here you reach the cliff top and can stand and gaze for a while at the views. To your right you can see the distinctive stacks at Ladram, with the rolling hills of the lower Otter Valley behind.

Now walk along the coast path to your left, following the fence line to a stile which you should cross.

Take the first footpath on your left and follow it through the trees as it leads you away from the sea.

There are small clearings and a bench along the way with lots of play opportunities amazing the trees.

Stick to the left hand path whenever there is an option and you will arrive at a gate onto the road. Here, cross over the road to return to the car park where you started.

There are no facilities nearby, with only dog bins and an info board in the car park. However the centre of Sidmouth is close to hand and within walking distance of you want to have a longer stroll.

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