Culm & Cake

This fabulous walk is so accessible, yet tucked away. The M5 runs so close to the river and yet none of the drivers would know they’re passing such a fun spot!

The riverside fields are accessible from both Cullompton and Stony Ford, either side of the motorway, with free parking available at both ends. From the Cullompton side, follow signs for the sports centre and begin your walk there.

We started our adventure with a visit to the fabulous Fordmore Farm Shop close by. Here there are animals you can visit, a cafe with outdoor seating and a very well stocked farm shop and deli. We bought some delicious treats to take to the river for a picnic, before heading up the road and parking (considerately) on River Drive off Culm Lea.

The footpath signs take you straight to the river meadows, and almost immediately there’s a brilliant river beach – perfect for paddling, dam building and boat sailing.

Following the riverbank path from here takes you to a prominentary before the river bends, perfect for picnics in the shade before you head in to the second field – loads of space to run around!

If you’re a fan of a loop walk you can complete a circuit back to the starting point by following the hedge line parallel to the river.

You can use the road bridge to cross the motorway (and river) and walk into Cullompton this way. You could also walk a bigger loop but the raminder would be alongside busy roads, so we prefer the river!

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